Are you tired of fighting discount brokerages?

Brokerages that take less and less commission yet stay on the line for full representation responsibility. 

Brokerages that don’t train and reprimand licensed agents that don’t know what they are doing or have no ethical standings.

Brokerages that deliver a horrible transaction experience because they cannot afford to truly deliver professional services.

Are you tired of the constant need to justify why your expertise, your experience, your transaction liability, isn’t worth what the consumer today perceives as value because the discount agents and brokerages have traded away realtor ethics, integrity, and quality of service just to make more money? The pressure from 3rd party companies continues to squeeze the hard working, high integrity agents.

We see why consumers have lost trust in our industry.  Too many agents are just that, transaction agents.  It’s time to bring professionalism to an industry that needs is badly.  At Real Estate Advice on Demand, we are Advisors, not just agents.

We must be honest with ourselves as real estate professionals, times are changing.  Technology advances and service providers like Zillow, Redfin, Open Door, continue to drive down the costs for buyers and sellers. 

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We do not believe that is necessarily a bad thing,

after all, we all know real estate agents that force the other side of the transaction to do all the work. We all know listing agents that put a sign in the yard and do the minimal work necessary. 


Cutting corners in a real estate transaction where a licensed agent represents a buyer or seller is wrong.  If a licensed agent wants to charge differently for their services, they are free to do so but the buyer and seller deserve to be fully represented as their contracts and agreements stipulate.  We all know this does not always happen.


Current Facts


Make more money per hour worked than ever before. rea.OD Advisors make 3x's more per hour worked than traditional real estate agents.

Source: data collection from NTREIS-North Texas Real Estate Information system


The market has turned the table on agents, traditional agents on avg. are making 16% less in commission but working the same or more hours.

Source: data collection from NTREIS-North Texas Real Estate Information System


Only 11% of real estate agents make it past 5 years. Only the most committed survive long term. These committed professionals are who rea.OD is looking for.

Source:  National Association of Realtors

For these reasons Real Estate Advice on Demand was created.


We provide consumers with advice pertaining to their real estate holdings.


Our Advisors are just that, Advisors, not just agents.


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Exclusive Membership to Top Advisors

We offer Consulting Services to our clients.  If a client starts with consulting services and determines that they want to transition to traditional commission based representation, we refer this to an Advisor in our network that is licensed by their state and sponsored by a licensed broker.  That Advisor may be an Advisor within rea.OD.  That Advisor may be you.  Our Advisors regularly perform consulting and full representation services.  The key is:  The Client makes the choice, we just make it happen for our clients. We take our years of experience and expertise and consult with our clients to help them either represent themselves in transactions, or work smarter and more effectively with other real estate agents that will represent them.

There are many companies that provide a means to “list your property for sale”.  Zillow, Redfin, Open Door just to name a few.  The MLS system is no longer the only method. Times have changed.

Never has it been more important to consumers to have the knowledge they need when they need it.  If a seller decides to use a service as stated above to sell their property or buy a property, they still deserve expert advice. This is what an Advisor with rea.OD does, provides that advice when the client needs it….. On Demand.

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When you become a Certified Advisor with rea.OD, you will get the templates and tools you need to build a powerful real estate advisory brand that helps you stand out with your social media, print and digital marketing.

Are you ready

to look at a different way of working in the real estate industry?

Are you ready to take your years and years of expertise and use that experience to help buyers and sellers that may use nontraditional means to buy or sell real estate? A seasoned Advisor knows the pitfalls and disasters that can occur in a real estate transaction.  But constantly reducing commissions because you must make money is not the answer. 

Constantly reducing commissions because you need to make money is not a career strategy….rea.OD is. Giving consumers advice when they need it, is the answer.

Are you ready?

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